Speaking engagements


Speaking at Workshop College on ‘Sex and the Somme’, 22 September 2015

‘Emasculated servicemen? Gender and captivity in the First and Second World Wars’, Reconfiguring the British: Empire, Nation and World, 1600-2000, Institute of Historical Research, London, 3 December 2015

‘Sex and the Somme’, Worksop College, Nottinghamshire, 22 September 2015

‘Sex and the Somme’, East London Branch – Western Front Association, 20 August 2015

‘Pinky Smith looks gorgeous!’ Female impersonators and male bonding in prisoner of war camps, Masculinities at War: Men and male culture in the Second World War, University of Strathclyde, 8 January 2015


‘Sex and the Somme’, UCL Lunch Hour Lecture, 18 July 2014.




‘Living beyond the barbed wire: the familial ties of British prisoners of war held in Europe during the Second World War’, The London School of Economics, March 2012.

‘Traversing the boundaries of ‘home’ and ‘front’: POWs and their relationships beyond the barbed wire’,  The Second World War, Popular Culture and Cultural Memory conferenceBrighton, July 2011.